Zendaya Unhappy With ‘Modeliste Magazine’


The days of magazines photoshopping images to an excess will be over soon.

More and more, celebrities and entertainers are owning their true selves and slamming any publication that chooses to do otherwise.

Modeliste Magazine released its latest issue featuring actress/singer Zendaya.

However, according to the 19-year-old, the finished product was “quite manipulated.” The images show an already slim and toned Zendaya with smaller hips and torso.

So, taking to her Instagram, the Disney star set the record straight.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.13.13 AM

Zendaya is known to speak her piece on subjects that attack her character or work ill toward her image. In February, she addressed criticism related to her dreadlocked hairstyle.

While so many express the need to project positive imagery, it becomes a circling contradiction when those who some may aspire to look like are even further manipulated to perfection.

We can continue to address the issue with hopes that publications and photographers do better when it comes to representing public figures in their truth. Granted, editing is part of the process, but seriously to create something that isn’t …that’s just not cool.