Zendaya Lip-Syncing Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” Is Iconic, Truly

Zendaya got on the stage at Lip Sync Battle and gave us life.

This past weekend, the 19-year old actress stepped onto the Lip Sync Battle stage to go up against her Spider-Man: Homecoming costar Tom Holland, and though she killed her Bruno Mars segment, it was her rendition of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” that stole the entire show. Seriously, SHE DID THAT!!

Donning Badu’s signature headwrap and sultry demeanor, Zendaya delivered two minutes of iconic perfection to the crowd. It was so amazing that Lip Sync Battle hosts LL Cool J, Chrissy Teigen, and Spider-Man himself were left in awe.

Before getting on the stage, Zendaya told LL Cool J, “Well this first song, I mean, it’s a classic. If I do this, I gotta do it right.” Needless to say, her performance was so sensational that even Ms. Badu herself had to give the Shake It Up alum her props.

It was literally the perfect way to pay homage to a woman who has given so much to the soul genre. Zendaya followed her enchanting performance with Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic”, where she basically became the 31-year old retro performer. Ugh, when is Zendaya not absolute perfection?

If you’re already having Zendaya withdrawals, don’t worry, you’ll be able to see the Oakland native in Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming when it drops July 7th. In the film, she will play Michelle, Peter Parker’s nerdy BFF.

Until then, be sure to watch her Lip Sync Battle performance over and over because clearly, it’ll never get old. You can also peep Badu’s original “Tyrone” performance below.