Yung Joc, Why Man?

Yung Joc

Great hairstyles are a signature statement made by some of the greatest musicians of all time. Nat King Cole, Little Richard, James Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson – not only revolutionized music but they also innovative style moments within the two Black culture staples – hair and music.

Yung Joc and his ‘do is not of that caliber.

While we’re always here for originality, here are five things that come to mind when we see his new hair.




Speaking of Black music being innovators, Elvis knows a thing or two about being a copy cat. Not sure where Yung Joc got his inspiration from but you can definitely see the similarities.



Malcolm X

Back when he was Malcolm Little, the young hustler sported one of the fiercest conks during his hay day. In X, Denzel Washington perfectly portrayed that part of his life, during the time when he was in jail.



Donald Trump

Anytime someone can draw a comparisons between you and Trump…well, it’s just not good. Enough said.




Gumby is a 90’s classic. Yung Joc would only need to switch his side part.


The Rock

The Rock

Remember when The Rock had the curl that didn’t curl quite right? Before Hollywood, he was at the height of his wrestling career and made a signature statement with more than just his eyebrow. His hair led the way.


Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo was THE coolest cartoon character on Cartoon Network. Maybe Joc was aiming for a classic ladies man look?



A member of your favorite retro all male group.

It doesn’t matter if he’s just on background vocals, the drums or the tambourine. Pick any group, from any era, and Yung Joc would fit right in. But not in a good way.