If You’ve Got Natural Hair You Need To Watch ‘The Root’

The natural hair movement is well underway, but Black women still haven’t been able to truly celebrate their hair.

In 2009, Chris Rock rattled the Black community (and the world) with his documentary Good Hair. The entertaining and often heartbreaking documentary took a look at the booming Black hair business and Black women’s allegiance to their crowns. Good Hair came at a time when the natural hair movement was just getting underway, so many Black women felt that Rock’s doc was a betrayal of trust; exposing secrets to the public that Black women would rather have kept hidden.

Eight years later, even more Black women have joined the natural hair movement, learning to take care of their God-given tresses while rocking, fros, weaves and everything in between. With a plethora of natural hair care products to choose from in most drugstores, now more than ever is a time to celebrate Black hair.

In The Root, the brand new docu-series produced by Austin Dancy’s Point Game Media and MTN, confident, beautiful Black women share their feelings about natural hair and what their unique experiences as Black women with natural hair means to them.

The first episode of the series features Ebonie LovellBrittney ThomasTiara Jackson and there are more episodes on the way.

Whether you are lovin’ your natural locks, feeling a bit insecure about them at the moment or thinking about transitioning, The Root will certainly have something you can relate too.

If nothing else, it will have you jumping on to YouTube to find the next bomb twist out tutorial. You can watch the first episode below.