#BruhNews: Young Thug Drags Black Airline Workers

In today’s morning dish of tom foolery, rapper Young Thug is being dragged on Twitter for offering two Black women at Atlanta airport $15-thousand to quit their jobs. And while he’s flashing cash, he’s also telling his “cameraman” to zoom in on the women’s hair as he calls it “nappy” and says that the women “look like they’re African” among other comments spewed to try and insult them.

Watch the antics below.

To say that one’s hair is nappy, is not necessarily a negative. In fact, Black people have come to embrace their natural tresses and flaunt it with a smile. Scroll social media and the abundance of #HappyToBeNappy posts that pop up is beautiful.

And using “African” as an insult? Young Thug…bruh, we’re rooted in African ancestry.

But, Young Thug’s intent was to cause harm and embarrassment to these employed African American women. The pain is that alone. It’s no secret that Black people have to work 10 times harder to reach beyond mediocracy. And while society tries every second to break the spirit of our community, actions such as that displayed by Young Thug hurts not only the individual target but Black people as a whole. It gives society and racist-minded folks a reason to continue their adverse and stereotypical views about Black and Brown people. If there’s no respect and honor amongst our people, how then do we raise our voice and demand others to have love for us?

Wake up.

Reactions seems to be going both ways in response to Young Thug’s money offer and name calling.

On one hand, you have people dismissing Young Thug, his music and style altogether and then others calling out the double standard when it comes to rapping and dancing to derogatory and offensive lyrics toward women in songs but quick to snap on someone who disrespects you publicly.

Bruh…you’ve built a career for yourself and an avenue that scored you some coins and all but now, you have the audacity to call airport workers ants and peasants? Time for a real life check, dude.