Young M.A. Accused of Taking $33,000

young m.a.

She has the hip-hop world belting “ooouuu” while doing a bopping, two-step. However, now rapper Young M.A.’s trendy term may have an additional meaning behind it.

The Brooklyn mic pleaser, has been accused of taking $33,000 and not holding up her end of the deal. Young M.A. was booked to perform at a New Orleans club, but allegedly she and her team refused to enter the establishment due to claims of it not being packed enough and left shortly after.

Winston, a New Orleans promoter, called the rapper out on Instagram while also throwing shots at her character by saying she had a “nasty attitude.

Well, word got back to the rising talent and she took to Snapchat with her response, asking her fans and supporters to disregard the allegations.

“If you f— with me, please don’t believe everything you see in the media. Please. God knows, that’s all. So, from now on, I’m gonna start making videos on my Snap so you can see what’s up for real, for real,” she stated.

Watch the full response here.

While there seems to be a bit of back and forth and lapse of what really happened. The New Orleans promoter decided to drop a diss track using the beat for Young M.A., hit track.

Listen if you’re interested below.

*Photo: Instagram