This Young Actor Will Star In Idris Elba’s Directorial Debut

Idris Elba is ready to sit in the director’s chair, and newcomer Ami Ameen will be his muse.

We fell in love with Idris Elba as Stringer Bell in HBO’s The Wire, but now the Golden Globe winner is set to try his hand in a new aspect of the entertainment industry. The hunky Brit is about to make his directorial debut with the drama, Yardie. Starring Aml Ameen, Yardie is based on the 1992 novel by Victor Headly. It has been called, “a literary sensation in England.” Yardie is the British term for housing projects.

Yardie follows the protagonist D, who transports cocaine from Jamaica to London. Things go left for D when he tries to slip out of the game and go at it alone, disappearing into the tough streets of Hackney while carrying a kilo of white powder. Though his friends desperately try to seek him out to recover it, D’s treachery will never be forgotten – or forgiven. Seduced by the high life, he chases his fortune, stealing from his bosses and their associates, and setting up his own drug-dealing organization that directly competes. Ameen announced that he had snagged the role on his Instagram page this weekend. We already know Yardie is going to be lit espcially since Elba has so much knowledge about the street life from The Wire.

The dope thing about Yardie isn’t even the fact that the story is so sensational. Back in ’92, Headly was able to get his book out by word of mouth, selling over 12,000 copies. With Elba at the helm, this is definitely the right move for the Sense8 alum who also just stunned in the SXSW film, Dara Ju.

You can snag a copy of  Yardie here.