What Year is This? Salon Denies Service to Rapper

Lil Scrappy might be known for putting “them paws on ’em,” but it sounds like some salon owners deserved that Dirty South treatment due to some shenanigans they allegedly pulled on his daughter’s birthday.

According to TMZ, Scrappy and on-and-off again girlfriend, Erica Dixon were set to host their daughter’s birthday party at a salon in the outskirts of Atlanta. However, when the two arrived 20 minutes late to their appointment, the business refused to serve them.

Was it because they were late? No. According to Scrappy, it was because they were Black.

The owners, who are reportedly White, told the self-proclaimed Prince of the South they didn’t want to serve “you people.”

Granted, the party of three was late, but that statement– if uttered– is uncalled for.

Scrappy didn’t unleash his wrath, but he did call the cops. The authorities were able to secure half of the refund for his down payment with a promise of the rest sent through the mail.

We’ll keep an eye on this story, yet another in our “What Year is This” archive.