What Year Is This? Kamau Bell Edition

Comedian Kamau Bell and his wife are fed up  and they have every single right to feel that way.

While his wife, who is White, mingled and had lunch with a group of friends Bell– who had just dined with her earlier for his birthday breakfast– approached her table  at the Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley, Calif. to show off his latest bookstore purchase: The Case of Loving.

All seems normal, right? Husband reconnects with his wife.  Well, what happened next will leave you shaking your damn head.

In a blog post, Bell explained that as he displayed the book (which, oddly enough, is about a landmark interracial couple), he suddenly heard a loud series of poundings from inside the restaurant.

On the other side of the glass, a waitress at Elmwood Cafe, mouthed the words “scram” to Bell.  It seems she mistook him for a beggar.


And we all remember that riddle about assumptions, right?

After what sounds like a half -hearted apology, ‘Oh, we thought you were selling something,” Elmwood management announced they would be hosting a “public” chat about the incident and implied bigotry at work.  There are also fresh reports the waitress in question has been fired, based on this Facebook post attributed to Elmwood Cafe.  

What do you think about this incident?  Should we look at our calendars and ask: What year is this?