What Year Is This? “12 Years A Slave” Director Called Doorman

Okay, so “12 years a Slave” has garnered a huge amount of critical acclaim since its cinema debut in October.

It has been deemed Oscar-worthy straight out the box office gate, already snagged 7 Golden Globe Awards, as well as several nominations for SAG Awards and has been a front-runner in the recent resurgence of Black film according to the Black Film Critic Circle.

This is no small feat for  any film, particularly one that highlights the topic that our country dodges the most — American slavery.

However, this is simply not enough for some… ahem… film critics who may want to watch the way they show their disdain.

Steve McQueen, director of “12 years a Slave” was heckled at the New York Film Critics Circle’s 79th annual awards ceremony. Reports indicate McQueen eloquently held his composure while, CityArts editor, Armond White, shouted, “You’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man,” according to

So, we have a Black president but one of our finest director is being called out of his career designation by a so-called professional in the media?

We are not having that today, or any other day.  Someone get Mr. White a current calendar.