Woody Allen on Hiring Black Actors

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Credit: Thinkstocks

If you’ve ever wondered why director and screenwriter Woody Allen’s movies may lack some diversity, it’s because those movies didn’t “require” it.

After a New York Observer interviewer asked him if Black actors like Viola Davis will ever be cast in a Woody Allen film, the 78-year-old Manhattan director replied, “Not unless I write a story that requires it.”

The writer even stated that Allen looked “horrified” when the subject was brought up.


After his confession, Allen went on damage control, arguing that he doesn’t cast based on race, instead he casts “only what’s right for the part.”

If that were true, he wouldn’t have to wait and hold off for a story to “require” a Black actor.

So it looks like talented actors and actresses like Denzel Washington and Lupita Nyong’o should stay away from Woody Allen casting calls unless the role calls for performers like them.

Whatever that means.