‘Wonder Woman’ Deserves Better

Wonder Woman will come thundering into theaters in less than a month, and it’s already not getting the love that it deserves.

As the first female-driven superhero blockbuster, there is a lot at stake with Wonder Woman especially since Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad wasn’t exactly a winner in the eyes of critics. With the sensational Gal Gadot at the center as the Princess of the Amazons and female director Patty Jenkins behind the camera, Warner Bros. got a lot of things right. However, the marketing of Wonder Woman is causing us to throw a side eye.

Compared to its DC predecessors, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which were tied to everything from Doritos to Chrysler, we’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the cross promotion for Wonder Woman. So far, the unconquerable warrior is out here tied to weight-loss protein bars, smoothie mix, and oatmeal! Really?!! These are obviously not the types of messages that need to be sent to women and young girls.

Surely for someone as powerful as Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. could have partnered with Adidas or Toyota or heck even a fast-food joint! Ladies like to eat too. Though the female-driven movie also has promotions with Pinkberry and Dr. Pepper, they simply aren’t the heavy hitters that we expected, and we aren’t the only ones who have noticed.

Vivian Kane of TheMarySue said, “This cross-promotion is full of the mixed messages of unrealistic standards women have forced upon them their whole lives.” It’s really disheartening that this has happened, especially since Wonder Woman is clearly the most promising flick that has come from DC Comics in recent years. Hopefully, before June 2, Warner Bros. can reach out and snag a kick-ass sponsor.

Are you excited about Wonder Woman?