Willow Smith Is Returning To Acting With These Two Wildly Dope YA Projects

Willow Smith is ready to return to acting in a very big way.

Though she was set to star in 2014’s Annie, the now 16-year old opted to pull out of the film at the last minute because she wanted to focus on just being a kid. However, now that she’s getting older and she’s made a bit of a name for herself on the music scene, the youngest Smith kid is about to head back to the big screen in some pretty kickass projects.

The “Whip My Hair” star hasn’t graced the silver screen since her 2010 role as Young True in True Jackson, VP, but now she’s about to slay in two female-driven young adult projects. Her first flick will be the film adaption of Alwyn Hamilton’s fantasy-romance YA trilogy Rebel of the Sands. Published just last year, Rebel of the Sands is set in a mystical desert nation called Mirahin. According to Deadline, the narrative follows 17-year-old Amani as she flees her hometown of Dustwalk on a dangerous journey through the desert nation of Miraji, where mortals rule, but mythical beasts still roam the wild. Though the story is a trilogy, 26-year old Hamilton has only published the first two book, Rebel of the Sands and Traitor to the Throne thus far which gives us plenty of time before the first film premieres.

Don’t be mistaken, Rebel of the Sands is just the tip of the iceberg for Smith. She is also set to star in Melancholy, an original idea from the young star herself. This tale is also a fantasy which chronicles the epic journey of a young girl who has a gift that “allows her to see into her past life. She eventually finds herself at a mystical place called The Mystery School, where we follow her as she goes through a metamorphosis.” Ultimately, she realizes that there’s an even stronger power that lies inside her that she needs to accept because it will save her and the community in which she lives. Willow Smith may write a full-length book to go along with this proposal.

Could this be Willow Smith’s very own Hunger Games? If you’re interested in Rebel of the Sands, you can snag your very own copy here.