Why Aren’t You Watching Michela Coel’s ‘Chewing Gum’?

If you haven’t been watching 29-year old British actress Michela Coel’s award-winning Netflix series Chewing Gum, we aren’t sure what you are doing with your life.

The hilariously witty and fast-paced series follows Coel as Tracey Gorden, a naive 24-year old grocery store clerk living in London with her uber-religious mother and sister. Desperate to break out of her shell, Tracey tries her best to step out into the world to learn about sex and experience life.

Based on the play Chewing Gum Dreams that Coel wrote while she was in college, the first season of Chewing Gum debuted in 2015 in the United Kingdom, and since then, Coel has won the BAFTA for Best Female Performance In A Comedy Programme and Breakthrough Talent. So why aren’t you watching yet? The second season of Chewing Gum just hit Netflix today. Here are 5 reasons why it needs to be your next binge.

1. Coel is a FEARLESS female comedian.

She’s not afraid to get messy or to embarrass herself. From Tracey’s chronic nosebleeds to her idolization and attempted emulation of Beyoncé, Coel puts her entire being into her acting, and it shows in the absolute best ways.

2. Tracey knows NOTHING about sex.

Growing up with a religiously devout mother, it would make sense that Tracey would be a bit green on the subjects of sex and sexual health. But her lack of knowledge as well poor information from her friends and family elevate the comedy to an entirely new level. From a plot to sell used dildos to her cringe-worthy appraisal of male genitalia, Tracey’s sexual awakening is a treat for us all.

3. Boy Tracey

Towards the end of season one, we meet Tracey’s cousin, Boy Tracey. Their relationship seems innocent and full of childhood wonder until Boy Tracey declares his love for female Tracy and things go left REAL FAST.

4. Tracey’s Sister Cynthia

If there is anyone more naive then Tracey it’s her sister Cynthia. With a love of the Lord and board games, Cynthia is horrified by her older sister’s rebellious ways and uses Tracey’s expulsion from their home to try and get the one thing she desperately wants.

5. Season One only has six episodes.

The U.K really excels at getting the best out of their series with shorter seasons. Season one of Chewing Gum only has six, thirty-minute episodes so you can zoom right through it. It’s the ideal binging time, and you’ll only feel like a bum for a few hours.

Season 1 & 2 of Chewing Gum are now streaming on Netflix.