Whoopi Goldberg Responds to Trump’s Ebola Tweet

Besides his Apprentice show, Donald Trump has been known to take to Twitter in order to vent his audacious opinions.

Recently, Trump headed to the social media site to express his thoughts on the recent Ebola outbreak and the U.S. citizens being treated in Atlanta.


Well, Whoopi Goldberg was not having it. The View star called Trump’s comments “idiotic” and “dopey” during Monday’s show. “The CDC…has done everything they can do to make sure [the patients] are going to be protected,” Goldberg stated. “Bodily fluids is the only way you can get the Ebola virus. You don’t get it from passing gas or any of those things.”

The second Ebola patient has arrived to to the U.S. today for treatment. The first patient’s condition has improved, CNN reports.