Whoa! Dave Chappelle To Host SNL!

This is a major moment. We have missed Dave Chappelle’s candor and comedic sensibilities on the small screen for years. “The Chappelle Show” was a unique staple in the Black community that brought the best in sketch situational comedy.

And then he disappeared. Slowly, but surely the funny man has been inching his way back into the spotlight and the news we just received has the entire JET Fam yelling praises in the office.

Chappelle is scheduled to host an episode of Saturday Night Live!

Yep, let that sink in for a second.

History is in the making and in the words of our digital managing editor, “This may be the Blackest thing SNL did since Richard Pryor hosted.” True, excluding Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock’s appearances.

Chappelle is slated to make his debut on Nov. 12. But the dopeness doesn’t stop there.

While Chappelle holds down the hosting gig, A Tribe Called Quest will hit center stage as the musical guests of the night!


Now, if we take it back to the days of “The Chappelle Show,” Dave was serious about his hip-hop. So serious, he’s even hosted a block party that included talent from Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Erykah Badu, Big Daddy Kane and more.

Come, November 12, SNL is going to be lit!