About The Whitney Houston Hologram Duet …

Mixed feelings swarmed the Twitterverse when news leaked that Whitney Houston’s hologram would be hitting the stage in a duet performance with Christina Aguilera.

The rumored “special performance” was scheduled to be aired on Tuesday, during NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season finale.

Earlier this week, someone leaked footage of the performance on FB, however the video was quickly removed. Yet, somehow, the clip made it to the ‘gram.

Well, here’s the update. “The Voice” on The Voice will not be happening.

The Associated Press reported that the cancellation is due to technical issues. In a statement, Pat Houston, the late singer’s sister-in-law, said that after reviewing the performance that “holograms are new technology and take time to perfect.”

She added that a decision was made and concluded that the duet fell short of the perfection, “Whitney’s legacy and her devoted fans deserve.”

So, there it is folks.