Wendy Williams & Others That Don’t Get “Blackness”

Wendy Williams has inducted herself into the society of blinded colored folk who refuse to understand the message and reasoning for movements and organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the NAACP.

The “how you doin” talk show host had the audacity to try to discredit the significance of Jesse Williams’ BET awards speech, and question the existence of HBCU’s and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in the process.

Anger alert in 5…4…3…2… (press play)

That’s about where she lost her audience and the claps fell silent.

Wendy, an organization for White people only? Err…ummhmm…are you NOT familiar with the KKK? But before we get into that, the struggle moment when trying to figure out what the NAACP stood for, tells us how out of touch you are with the Black experience.

And please, you’re offended by HBCUs, Wendy? Your ignorance is showing with no shame.

Yo, get your Black History up.

Moving on…

Whoopi Goldberg and her confusion on cultural appropriation and assimilation caused another wave of controversy during a roundtable discussion on The View.

Black women wearing weaves and blonde streaks, does not equate to appropriating White culture – this is social and psychological. The ideal of appropriation relates to exploiting a culture with less privilege to gain profit. And we all know who “loses” in this equation.

The collective voice in response to her ideals that Black people can appropriate White culture:

You’re losing us, Whoopi.

All heads dropped once again when Stacey Dash decided to open her mouth on the topic of race and social injustice. The detached talking head attacked Williams in the process by calling him a “Hollywood Plantation Slave.” I could go on with this, but reality is…these clueless humans exhaust me. Stacey’s dummy rhetoric can be read here.

Folks, why is it so difficult to comprehend that Black and White lives are NOT treated equally in America? While you’re busy fighting the (visual) facts, you’re giving those who view melanin as less than ideal the okay they’re looking for to keep harming us.

Hope this summation leads you to some needed understanding.

Mic drop and out.