Wendy Williams Cast in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway

Wendy Williams will be joining the cast of Chicago on Broadway. The day time talk show host announced on her show that she will play Matron Mama Morton, the role played by Queen Latifah in the Oscar-winning film adaptation.

Williams competed on Dancing With The Stars but got voted off due to lackluster dancing skills but fans have yet to hear her sing (We’re not even sure that she can, but apparently she has what it takes).

In her role on Broadway, Williams will perform Matron’s signature number, “When You’re Good to Mama.” She will take the will be a part of the production for seven weeks this summer, starting on Tuesday, June 25th.

“I’m so excited to sing and dance while still doing the talk show,” Williams said. “It’s going to be a very busy summer around here.”

The Wendy Williams Show will also continue taping over the summer.