Wendell Pierce Builds For Baltimore

Wendell Piece is taking his arts activism up a notch. The Wire alum is investing $20 million in an apartment complex in the arts district of Baltimore, reports

The new digs will mark the beginning of a jobs program, which will also hire Baltimore residents as part of the construction team. The actor plans to expand the venture to various parts of the city.

During a panel discussion at Columbia University over the weekend, Pierce shared that a portion of the apartments in the complex will be offered to artists at a discounted rate. The complex will also provide the opportunity for artists living in the building to showcase their art works in the building’s galleries.

The new project is slated to begin in July.

“We hope to take it into the row houses too. This is a pilot program to make sure that the template is there,” Pierce said while on the panel.

The arts advocate has even more on his plate. On April 16, the 49-year-old can be seen alongside Scandal star Kerry Washington in the HBO facts-based film Confirmation, which details the Anita Hill/Justice Clarence Thomas trial. Washington stars as Anita Hill who files sexual harassment allegations against Justice Clarence Thomas, played by Pierce.

The trial unfolds Saturday, April 16, at 8pm on HBO.