The Weeknd Has a New Sound in ‘False Alarm’

the weeknd

Recently, The Weeknd told fans to expect a new album and a new sound, and it seems he wasn’t playing around. The normally laid back singer reemerged with a new track, “False Alarm,” that’s an upbeat, punk-inspired tune.

The new joint dropped just a day after The Weeknd debuted the video for the title track of his latest album Starboy. In the video, the Toronto singer shows off a new look–sans locs–and literally kills off his old persona to become someone else–Starboy.

To accompany the transition, the singer deleted his old Instagram photos, instead replacing them with nothing but Starboy pics. And apparently, he also left his mellow R&B sound in the dust. In “False Alarm” The Weeknd screeches over the driving beat and energetic track, which sounds like it was ripped from the 1980s.

Take a listen.

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