WATCH: Tinashe’s ‘Bet’ & ‘Feels Like Vegas’

Tinashe is revisiting her debut album, Aquarius, one last time with the visuals for “Bet” and “Feels Like Vegas.”

The video begins with the starlet stretching her limbs to the tunes of her singles, “2 On” and “Pretend” playing in the background.

“Bet” then cues up, and the singer, dressed in workout gear and drenched in sweat, shows off her dance moves in an empty street tunnel and a parking garage.

To cap off the 6-minute clip, “Feels Like Vegas” plays as the 22-year-old runs toward the camera and “End of Era I” flashes across the screen.

Her next LP Joyride is due in November, and in her brand new trailer for the release, the singer declares she won’t be ignored.

Check out the end of an era and the beginning of a new one with the videos below…