Watch: MC Lyte Defends Iggy Azalea

A lot of people take issue with Iggy Azalea. The Australian rapper has been charged with hijacking black culture, among other things. But it seems as if she has a friend in MC Lyte.

During an interview with Hot 97, the veteran Hip Hop musician came to Azalea’s defense, saying that there are no color lines in Hip Hop.

“Iggy’s style is different. You know, people want to get on her because of wherever she’s from. Wherever she’s from really doesn’t matter. She has a love of the craft, of the art. And the reason why I can say it and mean it is because one of the first tours I ever did was in Denmark, Copenhagen and everybody in the audience looked just like her.” She added, “hip hop is universal, no color lines.”

Watch the clip below. The Iggy discussion starts around the 9-minute mark:

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