Watch & Listen: Gemstones “Selfish”

First there’s a bang. Then, female vocals come in blazing over piano chords.

“Should’ve taken away the blade and used a nine/ Whatever, I just pray I do it right.”

Pain claims the musical chords.

Visuals seep through illustrating the rhythmic patterns of Chicago rapper Gemstone’s lyrical prose, exposing a deep story of child abuse in more ways than one. What the viewer witnesses is the dark reality of a vicious cycle and its affects on a child’s life.

The song is “Selfish,” and the video is gritty.

Once signed to Lupe Fiasco’s 1st & 15th imprint where his alias was Gemini, Gemstones, a clever lyricist and nice with the pen, grabs an assist from songstress Precious to unveil a sad truth and an important message.

Gemstones’ Blind Elephant project is available on iTunes. Get more of Gemstones’ story in this JET exclusive.