WATCH: LisaRaye McCoy’s ‘Skinned’

It’s become a controversial and deep conversation. Bleached skin. Being too dark …whatever that means or too light. The truth: it’s an emotional and personal journey within self and allowing mainstream or popularized standards to dictate how you feel about you.

LisaRaye McCoy has attached herself to a very complex project in the wake of new film Skinned, which tackles the adversities of colorism and the effects of bleaching your skin.

The main character, Jolie, played by Jasmine Burke has always been teased for having dark skin. As she grows into adulthood, she believes the only thing that will make her beautiful and will help in her love life is bleaching her skin. However, the easy solution comes back to haunt her.

Skinned is presented by Studio 11 Films, Divine International and LOT 10 Productions. The film has an unspecified 2015 release date.

Watch the compelling trailer of Skinned below: