[WATCH] ‘KICKS’ Trailer Will Knock Your Socks Off

Most of us have always dreamed of having a pair of nice kicks as a kids and if we got our feet in the latest edition of Air Jordans, that was an added cool point. Whether parents could afford them or not, dope sneakers were an imperative must-have.

The minute you laced up your new sneaks, you immediately gained 10 bonus points of confidence, and felt like the flyest kid on the block. If you’ve ever had that feeling, then the upcoming film “Kicks” is one you definitely need to put on your movie bucket list.

Kicks explores the story of a 15 year-old, inner-city boy named Brandon (Jahking Guillory), who is desperate to mask his poor upbringing and lack of confidence with a fresh pair of Jordans. These new shoes not only boost his overall morale, but they also attract some unwanted attention from the locals on his block.

Brandon eventually has his new kicks stolen and embarks on a mission with his friends Albert (Christopher Jordan Wallace, Jr.) and Rico (Christopher Meyer) to get them back.

Watch the trailer to see more of this coming-of-age story below and be sure to check it out in theaters September 9th: