WATCH: Key & Peele’s Outkast Reunion

Ever wonder what happened to the legendary rap group Outkast? Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the stars of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, have an idea.

In their latest sketch, which is set in Atlanta 2005, Big Boi stops at a café for a snack when his partner André 3000 walks through the door.

As the two begin to converse, Big Boi is clearly annoyed with André’s flamboyant character. Then, he suddenly snaps, saying, “You went and lost your f**king mind…Tell me straight up, man. What happened?”

André doesn’t seem to understand his homie’s point of view. He instead responds very strangely, advising Big Boi to look into his pinwheel for answers.


Check out the hilarious sketch below.