More in Store: Kanye West’s ‘American Idol’ Moment


In October, hilarity ensued when Kanye West stopped by the San Francisco American Idol auditions. We saw a snippet of him in action, but it seems there is more in store when the final season of American Idol  airs on Fox in January.

The most recent clip, shared by wifey, Kim Kardashian, on Twitter begins with this humble intro: “My name is Kanye, I’m from the south side of Chicago,” the emcee says in the 30-second clip. “I’m originally a producer. I always wanted to rap and no one really believed in me, so I wanted to try some things out, ya know?”

The video ends right before the 38-year-old gets into his performance of “Gold Digger.” Do you think he’ll have what it takes to make it to Hollywood?