Watch: First Single from ‘Chiraq’

The Chiraq trailer hit the world with a satirical shock that led to a variety of mixed emotions.

Some frowned upon the Spike Lee joint, accusing the filmmaker of producing a mockery of Chicago’s gang violence. Others referenced Spike’s past films and took into account his artistic history of taking real issues and flipping them.

Nevertheless, the trailer and film title have accumulated much discussion. And the criticisms haven’t fallen on deaf ears. Spike is present and aware of the chatter. So much where he took the liberty to address the controversy via video, denouncing the notion of him making light of a serious situation and confirming the movie’s satirical tone.

Now, ahead of Chiraq’s Dec. 4 release, the soundtrack is on its way with the first music video coming from Chicago singer Kevon Carter.

Titled “WGDB,” Carter sings about society’s attention being diverted from the depth of issues such as Black-on-Black crime and senseless killings of our youth. The message is there and the lyrics are blunt with the melody opening with:

Everybody’s talking about brother Bill Cosby looks like our favorite dad was drugging girls
But please let’s not forget about little Amari [Brown] and innocent victim of this cruel world…

The video was accompanied by a post from Spike asking that the lyrics take precedence when watching.

Watch the video below.