WATCH: Fabolous’ ‘Gone for the Winter’

Fabolous is paying homage to a classic ’90s movie with his latest music video. Inspired by the coming-of-age drama Juice, the visuals for “Gone for the Winter” take us back down memory lane.

The Brooklyn-bred rapper portrays Tupac’s character Bishop, a friend-turned-enemy whose taste of delinquency leads him on a downward spiral.

From the violent murders of Raheem and Radames to Q’s intense encounter with Bishop in their high school hallway, some of the most memorable scenes from the flick are recreated.

Fab condenses an hour-and-a-half-long film into six minutes, but he puts his spin on the ending when he ascends to the clouds, after Bishop dies, to rap the last verse of the song.

Take a look at the emcee’s rendition of the film below.