Watch: DeVon Franklin on OWN’s ‘Help Desk’

DeVon Franklin, minister and SVP of Sony Pictures, navigates his life’s journey with the intent of experiencing, learning and sharing with others seeking help.

It is within his nature and has become one of the many reasons people flock to him as a spiritually-rooted motivational speaker, author and Hollywood producer. His path is divine and authentic.

“I do believe that authenticity is part of it. I believe that transparency is part of it and ultimately, I think that they have to see it,” Franklin states in a one-on-one-conversation with JET. “We can say a whole lot of things, but if someone watches my life, can they see the evidence of anything I’ve ever spoken about? So that’s what is important. That is how I try to live and anything that I learn while I’m living, I want to share.”

Traversing so elegantly the worlds of television/film production and ministry, it is by faith that Franklin is able to successfully use various platforms as tools to spread messages of knowing and loving the person you see in the mirror and taking on the right perspective when facing adversities and resolve seems too far in the distance.

On Sunday, September 28, Franklin takes a seat in Los Angeles and responds to questions about marriage, abstinence, and following your passions with courage and faith as part of a new episode of OWN TV’s Help Desk.

“So much of what we’re going through and how we manage what we’re going through is about perspective. If I have the perspective of what I’m going through will not destroy me and the phase that I’m going through is actually going to fill me up then I can manage the solution that will ultimately be revealed,” he says. “I meet so many people who get frustrated with life, frustrated with God, frustrated with self … and I’m like ‘hey, wait a minute, we have to get back to a place where you have to live and walk by faith.”

Help Desk is an experience designed, as its name implies, to give help. “This show provides the kind of help that we need just to keep going. It’s not only going to give you solutions, it’s not only going to help you understand how to solve some problems, but it’s also going to motivate and inspire you.”

Help Desk airs Sunday, September 28 on OWN at 12 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch a snippet of DeVon’s episode here: