WATCH: Chris Brown’s ‘Liquor’

Want to know what a drunken night with Chris Brown is like? Just take a look at the visuals for his single “Liquor.”

The evening begins with the singer taking a couple shots at a pub. When he thinks he’s had enough, a lady admirer from across the bar treats him to another drink laced with an unknown special ingredient.

Suddenly, the room starts to spin, and a dazed and confused Breezy finds himself alone with her in her funhouse, which is decorated with crazy, cartoonish furniture and neon colored, scribbled paintings.

After finally returning home only to find his outraged ex throwing his clothes out of their apartment, the video transitions to the track “Zero.”

He cruises down the street in his Rezvani Beast to the kiss-off anthem, but makes a few pit stops at an alley, a laundry mat and a convenience store to break into some groovy choreography with his buddies.

By the end of the nine-minute mini movie, Chris runs into celeb Dan Bilzerian, who’s buying a handful of condoms in preparation for his night to “chill with the homies.”

Check out all of the action below.