Watch: Black Opera “Beautiful City”

Echoing sentiments of the underprivileged, The Black Opera delivers another heart-gripping single and visual to match with “Beautiful City” from their current album, African America.

Rolling through the streets of Detroit, the group’s hometown, our ears are treated to juxtaposed lyricism that taps into the daily conditions of Black and Brown communities.

A beautiful sadness threads the theme of the song and visual. While it may feel that we are caught in destruction, there are pockets of joy and a strong sense of pride within the rough. Out of those surroundings, a compelling body of art is created with a broader purpose.

“The video demonstration for ‘Beautiful City’ is a depiction of city pride, finding beauty in the smallest details, and what gentrification can do to a city,” Magestik Legend of The Black Opera stated in a release sent to JET. “It’s more about the people you love in whatever city you call home. That’s the true beauty of a city.”

Watch “Beautiful City” below: