WATCH: Black Actress Season 2

Created by Andrea Lewis and adored by many actresses, the Black Actress webisode series’ season two is right around the corner with its February 5 premiere.

Fusing comedy and true observation to demonstrate how Hollywood treats African American women, the  “mockumentary” follows Kori Bailey as she works to land her next acting gig.

Adding a unique touch to the webisodes is the one-on-one features with Black celebrity actresses sharing their knowledge of the industry and experiences.

Season one took viewers on a roller coaster with Kori’s failed relationship and the prep work it took to get back in the acting field. Season two continues to explore Kori’s world as she goes from audition to audition and, hopefully, lands some gigs.

Check out the trailer and let us know if you’ll be watching!

Black Actress airs every Thursday at 12pm EST.