WATCH: BET’s Trailer for ‘Holler If You Hear Me’ has a new film in the works that explores one of the touchiest topics within the African-American community – homophobia in the church.

Titled Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church, the documentary follows a group of LGBT people who have been mistreated by the religious institutions they have faithfully served for years.

“We see LGBT people coming into our worship spaces, but we won’t holler or we won’t speak it or we won’t name it or we won’t acknowledge their presence,” says one of the subjects in the flick. “At times we do, it’s often in derogatory situations.”

In the 2-minute long trailer below, Clay Cane, the producer of the movie, speaks with a variety of parishioners in Atlanta including those who disagree with the lifestyles of LGBT members and gays who have attempted suicide as a result of the abuse they’ve endured from churchgoers.

Emotional and moving, the film does not have a release date just yet, but watch the clip below for a sneak peak.