Wanda Sykes Booed After Trump Talk

The recent presidential election will be the highlighted topic for a while. That’s just blatant facts. America is mad. No, beyond that – American citizens are pissed.

Times such as the current, are without a doubt conversation prompts for comedians. After all, part of their job is taking dark situations and bringing light to the seriousness while oftentimes threading truth throughout the joke.

It’s a tough position to be in, but also an important one.

While this method proved to be a universal success for Dave Chappelle as he crossed hosting Saturday Night Live off of his bucket list over the weekend, the same can’t be said for comedienne Wanda Sykes.

Sykes performed as part of the “Comics Come Home” charity event in Boston and received a harsh welcome after calling president-elect Donald Trump a racist and sexist.

Not one to take the insults and dust it off her shoulders, Sykes struck back at the crowd by tossing a few f-bombs and serving “the finger” to selected audience members.

*Language NSFW*

The Boston Herald noted that, though Sykes wasn’t the only one to get booed while sharing her take on the election – comics Denis Leary and Nick DiPaolo worked politics into their sets as well and the latter was actually booed – the public critics seemed to save the more brutal verbal attacks for Sykes.

Talk about things that make you go…hmmm?

Despite the controversial turn in the charity event, one woman sided with Sykes and took to the stage to hug and plant a kiss on the comedian before throwing up the peace sign and making her exit.