Wale Drops Nas-Inspired Freestyle, ‘Folarin Like’


After being called out by fellow rapper J. Cole late last week, Wale has been on a creative tear.

In “False Prophets,” Cole sent a friendly jab toward Wale, who seems to constantly rap with a chip on his shoulder. J. Cole’s message? Chill man, you’re blessed.

“And I know he so bitter he can’t see his own blessings/Goddamn, ni**a, you too blind to see you got fans, ni**a,” Cole rapped.

Wale responded quickly a track of his own, “Groundhog Day,” and claimed he was “the most highly underrated [rapper] of my generation.”

He also posted a short video of himself and Cole at a basketball game to prove to fans that it was nothing but love between them.

But Cole’s words must have lit a fire in the Washington D.C. rapper, who just dropped another missive to remind folks who he is.

Taking a page from EBONY Power 100 honoree Nas and his classic hit “Nas Is Like,” Wale reintroduced himself to the masses with “Folarin Like.”

I’m the coldest poet, they never show it
I show up like the f–kin’ bear from Revenant
Barely n-ggas is Yogi Bear in here
Mo’, this is a picnic walk
I sip gin, tonic in booth then I big shit talk
I’m cool, clam, collected ‘less I get pissed off


Check out Wale’s new (NSFW) track below.