Black Celebs Encourage All to ‘Show Up and Vote”

The time is approaching for us all to make our way to the polls for the 2016 presidential election. It’s a scary time without a doubt, but it’s a prominent step that will affect our lives tremendously.

This election season has been nothing short of low-blows, witty attacks and controversy amongst Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But, the personal jabs aside, America has to look at the facts, track records, and motives of each candidate and make the best decision for this country.

While presidential runs of the past have caught celebrity attention, this one in particular is sparking much debate. On behalf of the Artistic Alliance For Justice, members of Black Hollywood unified for a PSA message encouraging all to “Show Up and Vote.”

Produced by Steven Jones of Brand Maverick Media and Kendrick Sampson (ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder), the duo created the PSA to inform and educate people of color on voter suppression tactics used to deter voters from showing up at the polls and making their voice count. The video also provides solutions on how to overcome said tactics.

“As people of color, voter suppression is a living and breathing issue in our neighborhoods and communities,” Jones said in a release sent to JET. “We created this PSA to help people of color better exercise the civil liberties afforded to us under the constitution as American citizens.”

“Show Up & Vote” features Hollywood talent such as Russell Simmons, Meagan Good, Cedric The Entertainer, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Keisha Epps, to name a few.

Get the message below and make your voice heard on Nov. 8.