Viola Davis Lands Lead in Another Thriller

Our Thursday night Shondaland indulges have returned and that means that badass Annalise Keaton aka Viola Davis and her scheming squad are back with more murder and tips on how to get away with it.

Yep… see what I did there? (LOL!)

While Thursdays keep us in suspense and Annalise plotting, Viola is keeping business rolling on the film side, as she will appear alongside Denzel Washington in the theatrical release of August Wilson’s Fences. In addition to the revival of her stage character, she also landed a starring role in Steve McQueen’s heist thriller, Widows.

The film, adapted from a 1983 British TV series, centers on the widows of three crime bosses who were killed during a robbery. The women are pressured by the police as well as a rival group of thieves, who are scheming to take over their deceased husbands’ crime business.

Having learned a few tricks from their husbands, the widows unite to eliminate problems from the police and the other thieves. However, to pull off the perfect heist, they bring in a fourth woman.

The original series featured three White women as the widows and the enlisted heist partner was Eva Motley, a Black actress.

Our guess, Ms. Viola Davis will bring her star power to assume the role of Motley.

McQueen’s film version will be set in the U.S. We’ll keep you looped on production updates. But for now, get a feel for Widows, the series, below.