Video: White People Try ‘Black Food’

And today’s idiotic, yet “innocently racist” clip of the day is brought to us by the good ole folks over at Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital.

Deriving from the likes of BuzzFeed’s experiment where they had Mexicans try Taco Bell and Indians try American food, folks set out to garner reactions from white people as they tried what they deemed to be “Black food.”

What’s on the menu? O “favorites” like pickled pig feet, kool-aid and chitterlings. My gosh.

“I feel like I am more white now that I cannot eat one of the most famous dishes,” a participant exclaims after trying chitterlings.

Dear sir: Not liking chitterlings isn’t a white thing. I’m Black and I don’t eat any of this stuff. In fact, I’m willing to bet the farm that many African American households have things like fish, chicken and turkey more so than chitterlings on a Tuesday night.

This isn’t “Black people food,” it’s SLAVE people food.

Check out the clip below:

What makes this “experiment” problematic is the fact that it plays off of stereotypes that just do not apply to Black folks. Yes, our ancestors has to eat certain foods, but they really didn’t have a choice in the matter due to being slaves and all.

The difference between this experiment and Buzzfeed’s is that they ACTUALLY had Mexicans taste food that was derivative of their culture. This is just plain ridiculous.

All Def Digital also did a video where Blacks tried “white food” for the first time. Of course, all of the healthy things that we need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, short of the hog head cheese, made the list: kale, hummus and mayonnaise.

You can watch this ridiculousness too.

Buzzfeed did it right. Check out their videos here.

How do you feel about the videos? Are they offensive? Is there a such thing as “Black People food?”