Video: ‘Dark Girls’ seeing the light — city by city

By// Jerry Bembry

The issue of the bias faced by dark-skinned women — from both inside and outside the African-American culture — is being explored in the new film Dark Girls, which is in the midst of a nationwide tour. caught the film during a recent screening in Baltimore, and watching the interviews of strikingly beautiful Black women sharing the blows to their self-confidence and feelings of self-worth due to others’ perceptions of their darker skin was heartbreaking.

To see the documentary, you’ll have to check the film’s website for updates. That’s because no major studios picked the film up, leaving directors Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry to kick off an ongoing city-by-city tour that began late last year.

“I don’t expect (major studios) to understand us, or care about us,” Duke says. “Waiting for someone to save us – I don’t see anyone coming. We have to step up to address these issues. We have to care about ourselves.”

Hear more from Duke, Berry and some of the women who attended the Baltimore screening in our video below: