VH1’s “Sorority Sisters” May Be A Wrap

From the beginning, it looked as if the Mona Scott-Young project of Sorority Sisters series was doomed. Petitions demanding an end to this reality show about Black Greeks began circulating the Interwebs prior to even a preview of the show.

Once it did have the audacity to surface, it almost immediately caused Vh1, the show’s platform, to lose major advertisers, very publicly.

Welp, heads bowed for a moment of silence.

Despite VH1’s initial defense of the show, it’s now being announced that the three remaining episodes of the Atlanta-based series will air the final episodes back-to-back on Friday.  It’s essentially a death sentence for the fledgling effort.

While this doesn’t completely confirm that the chaos-causing show won’t see a second season, the fact that it has been shoved into a graveyard time slot doesn’t bode well either.

Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.

The question is: Are you surprised it took this long?