Vh1 Loses Advertisers Over “Sorority Sisters”

We had a feeling that the new VH1 reality series, “Sorority Sisters” would be met with torches a blazing.  Attempting to make reality show fodder out of historic Black Greek society?   Um…good luck with that.

The Twitter attacks were imminent, sure.  But now it looks like the latest from Mona Scott-Young is on the ropes with advertisers dropping left and right.

Following the December 15 debut of the controversial show, VH1 has lost two major advertisers.

Carmex confirmed via Twitter it’s discontinuation of ads until the show is cancelled.

And Hallmark followed suit:

Ouch! What will be VH1’s next move?  Do you think this show will get yanked?  Will this have repercussions for other reality show fare that depicts Black women in a nasty light?