VH1 Delivers Hip-Hop Movie ‘The Breaks’

Hip-hop in the 90s has been crowned the “golden-era” of the genre. Influential and free-flowing in creativity, it’s cultural significance bred some of the illest talent.

With the vibe of 2002’s Brown Sugar, Vh1 is adding another cultural layer to their repertoire. This time, however, they skipped the reality TV drama of Love & Hip-Hop and focused on the breath of the musical genre with the movie The Breaks.

Set against a New York summer backdrop, the flick focuses on three best friends following their ambitions to have a voice and be heard in hip-hop.

Nikki skips law school in pursuit of winning her dream job as a record label executive and lands an internship at Fouray Entertainment, the hottest music label.

David, Nikki’s white boyfriend, is the son of a notorious music producer. He has a love for hip-hop. However, he wants to find his own way instead of carving a lane based off of his father’s legacy. He currently works at the city’s #1 radio station but is nerved that the company refuses to play real hip-hop.

DeeVee is an aspiring DJ and producer from the Fort Greene projects, who notices the lyrical talent of a local street king. While approaching him with work, life takes various twists that could threaten the new birth of legends.

Starring Mack Wilds, Method Man, Wood Harris and Afton Williamson, the movie was written, filmed and directed by Seith Mann (The Wire) and gained inspiration from the book The Big Payback by journalist Dan Charnis.

Check out the TV flick when it premieres Jan. 4, 9/8 p.m. cst, and stay-tuned because it just might become a series.