Minneapolis Kids Rap About Urban Farming

“Screaming Hot Cheetos and Takis, boy you better eat yo broccoli!”

Known for their Hot Cheetos and Taki’s song, the Beats and Rhymes crew is at it again, taking over our timeline with a new jam, but this time with a much different message.

“Grow Food” is the latest tune hitting the masses with a message. A collaboration with Appetite For Change, a North Minneapolis nonprofit “that uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change.”

Turn down the poppin’ beat so you can hear these kids speak on the lack of healthy food options in their communities. While places like McDonald’s and Popeyes are on every corner.

“See in my hood there ain’t really much to eat. Popeyes on the corner, McDonald’s right across the street. All this talk about guns and the drugs, pretty serious, but look at what they feeding ya’ll that’s what’s really killin us,” they rap.

Through their viral hit, the kids sparked a much-needed conversation that dips into the “eating healthy isn’t that expensive” topic. Eating healthy can be very expensive, especially when there are food deserts in urban communities. The access to farmers markets, Whole Foods and Trader Joes isn’t granted to everyone either. Organizations like Appetite For Change are a blessing, because they educate and provide healthy alternatives for communities in need.

Peep the video below, then check out Appetite For Change‘s website so you can see how you can donate to the organization.

“Directed By Chancellor Tha Beast in collaboration with Beats & Rhymes, “Grow Food” is the culminating project of Appetite For Change’s Summer 2016 Youth Employment & Training Program. Urban Youth wanted to share their message – the importance of actively choosing healthy foods – with their peers in a fun, accessible music format. At AFC, we believe that youth are the truth. We hope this song will inspire you to explore new ways to eat, cook and grow food.” – Appetite for Change

*Note: This song must be played at loud levels only!



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