Is Tyrese Trolling Us With This New Poster For ‘Baby Boy 2’?

Tyrese is really pushing for a sequel to Baby Boy and to be honest; we’re still a tad baffled by the entire thing.

Earlier this month, Tyrese posted a clip of the film on his Instagram page with the caption, “Sequel to Baby Boy coming soon….. #BabyBoyComingOfAge shout to @johnsingleton. At the time his latest film, The Fate of the Furious was killing it in theaters and quite honestly, we couldn’t decide if he was just trolling us. Now it appears that he might not have been playing.

Recently on his Instagram, Tyrese posted a potential poster for Baby Boy 2, which sparked even more questions.

The poster (which is clearly fan made) includes images of Taraji P. Henson, Tyrese, Snoop Dogg and Ving Rhames – all of the characters who starred in the original film. If you know Baby Boy, then you know that Snoop’s character was killed off in the first film, so if they didn’t resurrect him from the dead, we’re not sure how he might randomly appear in this film. Also, we’re pretty sure Jody should have come of age by now.

However, even more curiously, Tyrese posted a posted a photo of Taraji P. Henson poolside with Adrienne-Joi Johnson, the actress who played the mother to one of his children. According to Tyrese, the photo was taken at John Singleton’s home.

#Tyrese teases #BabyBoy2 with #TarajiPHenson. He later deleted the post. (#babyboy2comingofage)

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Currently, Henson is filming the action thriller Proud Mary, before she returns to the set of Empire for the fourth season. John Singleton is equally busy with his forthcoming FX series Snowfall, set to debut in July. We’re just not sure how either one of them would have time to be working on Baby Boy 2.

Perhaps this was an initial meeting about the film or even a regular Memorial Day BBQ. Only time will tell. Would you be interested in a sequel to Baby Boy?