Tyra Banks Flaunts Her Muffin top to Katie Couric

[L to R: Katie Couric, Tyra Banks] In this handout from “Katie,” it seems interviewing super model turned mogul, Tyra Banks on the Tuesday, October 16th edition of her new nationally syndicated talk show, “Katie” (check local listings, was a larger than life experience for host, Katie Couric. Banks joined the diminutive Couric for an episode that looked at handling the criticism that comes with being in the public eye. [Photo credit: Disney-ABC Domestic Television].

By// Kendra D. Cusic

Super models with muffin tops may seem like a paradox but Tyra Banks swears she has one. In case you missed it, the former model recently tweeted her “juicy muffin top” in an outfit that bared her post-model stomach, but Katie Couric questioned the validity of that statement.

Banks stopped by Katie on Tuesday (October 16th) to shed some light on how she deals with handling scrutiny from the public  and Couric got to business. Couric got touchy feely with Banks when questioning the muffin top but initially couldn’t find any evidence.

“Next time you tweet a muffin top, will you really have a muffin top?” joked Couric. Banks insisted Couric grab her “sitting muffin,” which made the skeptical host a believer.

“Ok, that’s enough honey.  It’s real it’s real!” said Katie after being satisfied with “evidence.”

Tabloid media has ridiculed Banks in the past for her weight gain and the former Victoria Secret Bombshell infamously told critics to “kiss her fat ass” as a result. Lately, Banks has been poking fun at her own imperfections, hence the Twitter pic, but that’s because she has been an advocate for self-esteem and healthy body image for women and girls, for years.