Tyler, the Creator Raps Dr. Seuss

Tyler, the Creator stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to pay special homage to Dr. Seuss by rapping lines from his book What Pet Should I Get.

Dressed in full Cat in the Hat getup, the rapper takes the stage to debut his rendition of the children’s story.

When the lyricist begins to spit on a hip-hop influenced instrumental, Jimmy Kimmel stops him shortly after to share his dissatisfaction with his performance and gives him some tips.

“I was thinking maybe if you do it a bit more…rhythmically. You know what I’m saying,” the late night talk show host suggests.

Tyler, who seemed like he was having a hard time reading the teleprompter, abides and gives it another shot. Then he’s interrupted again.

“I was hoping that it would have a little more…uhhh…flow,” Kimmel says.

The 24-year-old appears to grasp a better understanding of his expectations and approaches the mic more confidently. Although he nails it this time, he didn’t sound too thrilled about this portion of the show.

Before gleefully running off the stage in celebration of his success, he ends his rhyme with, “That was it, and that was that. Jimmy Kimmel, this segment was whack.”

Watch the hilarity below.