Judge Issues Bench Warrant for Rapper Tyga

A California judge issued a bench warrant for rap star Tyga’s arrest on Tuesday after he failed to show up on a court hearing regarding his finances, according to KABC in Los Angeles.

The rapper, 26, was scheduled to appear and be questioned at a Santa Monica Courtroom Tuesday after he failed to pay $480,000 in damages to a Malibu mansion he rented in 2011 for $16,000 a month.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge validated the court ordered judgment in March after the rapper, whose real name is Michael Ray Stevenson, failed to appear at a court hearing on Tuesday.

Court documents say the “Rack City” artist missed a payment and eventually broke his lease early.

Boris Treyzon, the landlord’s attorney says Tyga left the residence in bad shape, with damage to the home’s hardwood floors, shower gate opener.

“He leased a house that he wanted to use as his primary residence., then he completely trashed it,” he said.

Treyzon and the rest of the landlord’s legal team were in court and told prosecutors their client was angry after hearing that Tyga reportedly purchased a $200,000 last week for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

The $480,000 judgement is set to cover legal fees, missed rent, repairs and an annual 10 percent annual interest.