Here’s the Perfect Response to ‘All Lives Matter’

Oh Twitter, how I love thee.

In addition to connecting communities, spreading valuable news, and delivering an endless source of Crying Jordan memes for every possible occasion, the social networking platform also provides some of the shadiest–and most intelligent–responses to those who claim they care about ALL lives.

For some reason, many folks have a hard time recognizing the need for #BlackLivesMatter. Despite the fact that police are more likely to stop and kill Black people, every single time we assert, “Black lives matter,” someone has to come through to say, “Actually, all lives matter.”

While it’s true, all lives DO matter, right now we’re talking about the Black ones…because we’re at risk. But people keep trying to derail the convo.

Today, Twitter decided to school #BlackLivesMatter haters on why saying, “All lives matter,” is not only dismissive of the issues, but also down right wrong.

Take a look at some of our favs.

Welp. Any more questions why saying, “All lives matter” is a problem?